Canyon Run 2007 – Day 11

Todd joined us early this morning for a last visit to the Concierge Suite, featuring a very well-appointed buffet. Then it was off to drive in one direction for a few days. Today we covered almost 500 miles, from Denver northeast on I-78, connecting to I-80 just inside Nebraska.

I was surprised to find Nebraska not nearly as boring as I’d expected. I thought I’d be seeing bleak, flat, desolate land, but it was pretty green, and paralleling the freeway to the north was a band of trees and periodic small towns – clearly following the course of a river.

What was difficult was the wind. We rode in a near-constant wind from the southwest, so we were forced to lean to the right almost constantly to compensate. Except when we passed…anything…at which point we’d have to sit upright or lean to the left if we didn’t want to shoot off the road. This grew very tiresome on the neck, and by the end of the day we’d had enough.

We wound up in Lincoln, Nebraska. We’d talked of finding a decent chain hotel and just calling it good, but I decided to push on into the downtown area. Lincoln being the state capitol, it was bound to have some decent hotels and restaurants for the politicians, lobbyists and other business people who came to town. Sure enough, we located another Marriott, the Cornhusker. More modest than the Denver Marriott, it was nevertheless very comfortable and welcome at the end of a long day. We were sent to the adjacent city garage to park this time, and this time we went through the gate side by side (we figured we’d only take up one space, so why pay for two).

Dinner was at a restaurant called Dish, which would pass for at least “good” in Seattle, and probably “great” in Lincoln.

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