Canyon Run 2007 – Day 6

We rolled out of our Moab lodging at 8 am and headed into town for gas. On the way we found Rich Marin pulled over by the side of the road. Something was wrong with the rear end of his bike (Bob Kirby’s former K1200LT). He waved us on and showed up a short time later at the gas station. When he stopped, a puddle formed beneath the rear wheel. The bike had lost its final drive bearings – a known issue on the LT – and the bike was dead in the water. Rich decided to call the Salt Lake BMW dealer and have them pick up the bike, and bring him a replacement. He delegated pathfinding to me. The route was familiar enough – turning east at La Sal junction, descending into Colorado via Bedrock (and the historic Bedrock Store) and continuing east to Telluride for lunch.

The Bedrock Store was enjoyable as always – the classic metal signs just as classic, the aging outhouse slightly more decayed. Unfortunately my camera chose this moment to quit working, so it was no more pictures for me for the day.

bedrock store

frank takes photo

We met up with Deb, Mardie and Kim in Telluride and enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Rustico – replete with the only (so far) decent espresso outside Seattle. After lunch we looped north to Ridgway, then south to Ouray (say “you-ray”) and over 11,000+ foot Red Mountain Pass. The road up to the pass is terrifying – no guard rail, steep drop-off, and we’re on the outside edge most of the way up. On the other side we descended to Silverton and took a break for coffee, funnel cakes, and kissing the safe, solid ground. Then resumed course to Durango, where we stayed at the General Palmer hotel.

We dined across the parking lot at the Palace restaurant. Dinner was punctuated by a lively mix of political discussions, reminding us that some things are better left said when you’re not on a long trip together. All ended well though, with no limbs or eyes lost. I brought my resurrected camera, this fact being instrumental in the following day’s events…

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