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UPS Mail Call

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Got an interesting email this morning from our neighborhood mailing list:

This is a notice to all neighborhood residents about problems the UPS delivery lady (Dawn) is having reaching our neighborhood.

She has over 200 packages for our neighborhood that she can’t deliver because she can’t get her truck up the hills. However, she can make it to 45th St.

She would like me to tell you all that she will wait in the truck tomorrow between 11:30 and 12:30 pm at 8850 Paisley Drive, which is in front of the Morse’s house. (She asks that you be patient with her as she will need to search through them to get your packages). If anyone is expecting a package that they absolutely cannot retrieve tomorrow at that time, perhaps you can notify me and my boys can collect them and deliver them to your house, or at least bring them down to our garage, if you wish.

Let me know… And enjoy your holidays!
[neighborly neighbor]

I thought this had a certain end-of-the-world ring to it, and even though we weren’t expecting any packages, I figured it would be worth getting out of the house for (having been snowed in for the past week).


Do fish have fisheyes?

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

Obviously somebody named the fisheye lens after a fish, but I wonder if fish actually have fisheye lenses, or do we just think they do because their eyes bulge kinda like the lenses?

I suppose it’s remotely possible somebody looked at a fish and said “hey – I think I’ll build a lens that works like that fish’s eye”. But I doubt it. Pretty sure the lens came before the name.
Why don’t we call telephoto lenses “eagleyes” or something? Dunno.

Koi in Seattle's Japanese Garden