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I could have used a couple more flashes on this one, but it's not bad if I do say so... A little fun with flash and fast shutter speed Self-portrait. It's challenging to a) get it in focus; b) get in the frame; and c) not look like too much of a dork when you can't see what you're shooting.

Here I'm experimenting with lighting from the front AND back using a single light. For good or bad, my shiny black acrylic backdrop really shows up the ribs of the flash umbrella. Another one - here I'm shooting a flash behind my homemade diffuser screen I shot this elephant on the coffee table with two strobes - one camera left with an umbrella reflector and one behind and above the subject through a diffuser. The image was post-processed slightly to increase contrast and warm the color just a bit. We found this cool sculpture in LA last December. In this photo I'm using two strobes - one just to the right of the sculpture through a diffuser, the other below the sculpture, feathered so the light doesn't hit the wall. Shot with 2 flashes - one to the right of the camera through a diffuser, the other lower camera-right, aiming up and left across the flowers. I think we got this funky little Schweppes bottle in Spain or Italy. The tonic inside has turned a little yellow, but that just makes it more interesting to photograph. Glass of Coke. Should have done scotch, but it was just too early in the day... This was part of playing around with specular highlights - the bright highlight on the front-right of the globe. A second flash is behind the globe, lighting the wall to create the halo effect, and the glare off the table. I saw something like this and wanted to try it myself. The glasses are sitting on the seat of a chair. One flash is lighting a spot on the ceiling, which is reflected in the lenses. The other flash lights a broader swath of ceiling to cast diffuse light on the frames and chair. Playing with bouncing light off the ceiling above and the wall behind the phone. The wall bounce gives the glare off the table. Ceiling bounce lights the upper part of the face of the phone. Took a lot of moving the ceiling bounce light around to get the reflection in the right spot. I'm pretty proud of this one, considering I really just started experimenting with lighting in a serious way. Like the previous shot, it's a ceiling bounce (reflected in the face of the phone) and a wall bounce from a light positioned in front of the phone, so it lights up the front edge and silver buttons on the side, while the bounce lights the table. The kitchen series - featuring the Spoon Rest. Lighting the ceiling to reflect off the bottom of the spoon (and the edge). Hitting the wall with a blue-gelled flash to light up the background. Cheese planer Not sure what you call this utensil but it's very shiny and this particular one comes from Ikea. In this shot I have a white square of foamcore that I'm lighting with a red-gelled flash, reflecting in the surface of the object. The background is lit via light bounced off the wall behind.