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We spent a week of "working vacation" on Lopez Island, one of Washington's San Juans. Between spells of programming on the laptop, I managed to get out and take almost 1200 photos. The challenge was narrowing them down to just a few. Decaying boat at the roadside I recently acquired a "new" (used) lens with some macro (close-up) capability. This is kelp on the beach at Odlin State Park. Self-portrait in kelp bulb Our cabin was right next to the ferry landing. If you cut through the woods next to the landing you come upon a grassy point that's a perfect vantage point for the ferry dock and the sunrise. Not much of a sunrise this day, but the blue quality of the light was amazing. The San Juans are home to numerous madrona (aka madrone or arbutus) trees, with distinctive red peeling bark over a smooth yellow-green underlayer. This tree grew up through a hole in our deck. In this shot I experimented with lighting the tree with two strobes (flashes) - one softened through an umbrella on the lower part of the tree, the other more directly aimed at the upper part. More fun with the macro lens I decided to try my hand at lighting some still lifes with strobes and umbrellas. I love the soft quality of light in this shot and the next. Another still life - this one with morning light streaming in the windows. Madrona tree in the morning light Unfortunately I missed when this dog tried to leap through the (closed) window and Audrey had to wrestle him back. But they seemed to reach an agreement, and shared the view together for a moment. Waiting for a stick When I first saw this I thought it was a child's ball left on the ground. I've never seen a mushroom like this in real life. Very Alice in Wonderland. I didn't realize Willo was unconsciously paralleling the tree until I reviewed this shot later. This is at Shark Reef Sanctuary, at the southwest corner of the island. Willo resting out of the wind This is looking up at some fallen leaves through a corrugated fiberglass roof. The troughs are full of accumulated dirt. OK - it's an outhouse roof. Never leave your camera behind! At the foot of Sperry Peninsula, southeast corner of the island. Another sunrise from the vantage point near the ferry dock Later the same day on the west side of the island. Shaw Island is in the foreground, Orcas Island at far right. Passers-by told me these were edible, but I said I'd stick to photographing them. I'm pretty sure these are moss spores, growing on this log. Humphrey Head in morning fog Otis Perkins Day Park Sunset in Willo's sunglasses, Otis Perkins park Kelp on the beach, with mis-set white balance One more sunrise, on our last day