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Rusty fishing boats in Cancun harbor Isla Mujeres Standard transport on Isla Mujeres Up-to-code wiring on Isla Mujeres The community cemetery on Isla Mujeres Many of the graves have elaborate shrines built on top of them Some are simpler Rolling coconut stand Controls of our golf cart. These carts are gas powered, not electric. To start them, the driver stands on the gas pedal until the machine lurches forward. Top speed is about 10 mph. At the sculpture park/Maya ruins at the south end of Isla Mujeres Pelican, Isla Mujeres harbor PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) celebration on Isla Mujeres Detail of our massive sand castle Willo adjusts the flagpole Willo in the Caribbean Our adopted hotel cat. We made the mistake of inviting her into our room and feeding her dinner leftovers. She quickly learned to meow loudly outside our door in the middle of the night. Other guests were not amused. "To the meeting point". We never discovered where the meeting point actually was. On the hotel grounds Heading home Self-portrait