Canyon Run 2007 – Day 4

Today was a slog – 320 miles from Sun Valley to Park City, most of which was interstate. Unfortunately the only reasonably direct way between the two is the string of interstates that run from Jerome/Idaho Falls east and then south to Tremonton, Utah and then Ogden. Today’s mission was “endure”. Luckily iPods made the intolerable tolerable. At Ogden things get interesting – we turned east and headed up into the mountains. Utahans (is that right?) respond to hills the same way horses do – they hurry to get the top as fast as possible. This can be a little disconcerting if you’re not used to it – the trick is to adopt the same mindset, and so avoid being run over.

After a chunk of uphill rushing, we came to the town of Morgan. Exiting at Morgan we headed toward East Canyon, the enjoyable “back way” to Park City. Last year at this time the East Canyon road was still closed due to snow, but this year it was open (warm and sunny, etc.) and we reveled in a dose of real curves after the day’s dreary straights.

(Stopping to remove layers in East Canyon)

East Canyon

We finally arrived in Park City around 5:30 and found our way to Rich Marin’s new house on the golf course.

As has become customary, we were treated to a delicious cooked-on-site dinner by Josh Yenny, official American Flyers chef and soon-to-be restaurateur (or so we are told). In honor of his continued hosting generosity, Rich was presented with a crown and scepter appropriate to his office.

(Rich with golf ball retriever and “helmet” (novelty helmet – to be worn only for protection from golf balls))

Rich in helmet

This annual trip also marks the birthdays of founding members Walt Lynd and Frank O’Connell. Josh presented them with a cake, complete with working motorcycle decor (which Frank enjoyed):



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